Ford makes nap time easy with the Motor Dreams Crib

By: Cartairs Ford   |   29 May 2017

Putting your baby down for a sleep isn’t always easy; however, some lucky families have found that taking their little one for a car ride will often do the trick. To the delight of parents the world over Ford has now made this old-school parenting tactic a whole lot faster, cheaper and easier, not to mention more eco-friendly, by designing a crib that captures the essence of being in a vehicle. If you have a little one who gets fussy at bed time you are going to love Ford’s state-of-the-art Motor Dreams crib. Here we take a closer look at what it is all about.

How does it work?

This impressive device is based on the idea that sound, light and movement all play significant roles in how humans experience their environment, with the primary role of the Motor Dreams Crib being to replicate these important factors as they occur in your vehicle, a place that many babies associate with a great sleep.


The Motor Dreams Crib plays a restrained engine noise that mimics that of your vehicle, making your baby feel as though they are in the car. The gentle sound also acts as a form of white noise, helping to block out sounds that could potentially disturb your little one as they fall asleep.

Gentle movement

Many experts believe that it is the gentle rocking motion of being in the car that helps babies fall asleep, which is why this crucial feature has also been incorporated into the Motor Dreams Crib. Designed to imitate the rocking, rolling and vibrating movements that come with being in a car, this innovative crib even senses if your baby is starting to stir, at which point it will activate again automatically.

LED lights

Driving past street lights at night can have an almost hypnotic effect, especially for a baby, which is why the Motor Dreams Crib features LEDs that simulate the effect of driving past street lights. As with the other core features of the crib, the lights are designed to turn on automatically if it senses your baby waking.

Connected to your car

This ingenious device doesn’t just simulate any old lights, sounds and movements; rather, it follows your lead. Simply download an app onto your smartphone, go for a night drive in your neighbourhood, and all of the crucial lights, sounds and movements of your vehicle will be recorded. Once you get home, the Motor Dreams Crib can then accurately reproduce those important elements at nap time to help calm and soothe your baby.

How to get one

Unfortunately, at this stage Ford’s Motor Dream Crib is still just a prototype; however, Ford has received such a strong response that it is considering putting its incredible design into full-scale production, hopefully sometime soon!

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